Presenters 2017

Rob Worthing

 Rob Worthing, MD, is an avid angler, backpacker, and wilderness medical professional. An early adopter of fixed line fly fishing in the United States, he has appeared in a variety of magazines, books, television shows, and events on the subject. Rob is a certified guide and founding member of Tenkara Guides LLC, and creator of TROutreach, a program whose mission is to introduce impaired individuals to fly fishing with maximum independence. He is a proud member of Team Oni USA, and one the first Americans inducted into Japan’s Harima Tenkara Club. Known in Japan by his tenkara name, “Drunken Rod”, Rob firmly believes that the harder you fish during the day, the better your IPA will taste in the evening 

ERiK Ostrander

  ERiK Ostrander was one of the earliest adopters of fixed line fishing outside of Japan.  With the creation of Tenkara Guides LLC as the first tenkara-only guide service, ERiK was primed to explore the full capabilities of fixed-line fishing.  He brought western techniques and European nymphing techniques together and built upon a strong foundation of traditional Japanese methods.  ERiK has spent time in Japan fishing with many tenkara “masters” and has had the privilege of fishing with many of these same anglers here in the states.  With the help of the other Tenkara Guides ERiK has been able to develop American tenkara methods that simply catch fish.  Beyond the river, ERiK likes to climb rocks and ice, has a couple of good fishing dogs, and a loving wife that knows that fishing is a good way to get ERiK out of the house.  After all, happy wife, happy life.  

Matt Sment

  Matt Sment has been guiding and instructing Tenkara anglers for over 3  years as co-owner Badger Tenkara. His articles have been featured in  Kype Magazine, Tenkara Angler, and Wisconsin Trout, and he is a regular  presenter at Midwest Regional fly-fishing clubs and Trout Unlimited  events. Matt is well known for using his practical approach to tenkara  fishing to pursue a wide variety of North American species. He is a  former US Army Paratrooper and a Graduate of the North Carolina Outward  Bound Outdoor Leadership school.   

Dan Dutton

 Dan Dutton has been catching fish with nets and flies to observe how they behave since he was a little kid.  This interest in learning about fish led to two college degrees in fisheries science studying minnows, marlin, and a lot in between.  He started tenkara fishing in 2010 to lighten his fishing gear for backpacking trips but quickly saw its applicability for every-day fishing as well.  Tenkara allows him to simplify fishing and really focus on figuring out what it takes to get a fish to bite.  While admitting to enjoying chasing trout on occasion, Dan has a passion for applying tenkara and other fixed line techniques to warmwater and less traditional species including bass, sunfish, carp, catfish, and shad.
Dan guides and teaches fly fishing on the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg, Virginia with River Rock Outfitters and teaches Biology and Marine Science to gifted high schoolers at the Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School for Marine & Environmental Science. 

Anthony Naples

 Born and bred in Pittsburgh,Anthony Naples caught the fly fishing bug while attending Penn State, and it’s plagued him ever since. He's been trying his hand at tenkara since 2009. Proponent of the “tenkara as punk rock” school of thought he’s been stripping away the excesses of arena rock fly fishing and getting back to the basic roots as he crawls about with a tenkara rod dodging snakes on the small brook trout streams of southwest Pennsylvania or alternatively dodges the effluent of combined sewer overflows on suburban warm water creeks while chasing native smallies. Anthony has had poetry, essays, photos and how-to’s published in print and E-magazines including Flyfish Journal, The Drake, Kype,Tenkara Magazine and Tenkara Angler.  A lapsed environmental engineer, he now owns and operates Three Rivers Tenkara selling tenkara rods and gear as well as original art.  

Jason Sparks

 Jason Sparks is the founder of Appalachian Tenkara Anglers, a leading community of fishers that embrace the elegant simplicity of fixed line fly-fishing. As an ambassador in promoting tenkara across the South, he regularly conducts clinics for the NC Wildlife Resource Commission.  Jason offers community support as President of the new Trout Unlimited High Country Chapter and Program Lead for the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing program he launched to support "Camp Healing Waters". As a Navy Veteran, he has fished waters from the Azores to the Appalachians and is now living in Boone, North Carolina. 

Luong Tam

 Luong Tam is the designer and owner of Tenkara Tanuki. An architecture major from UC Berkeley, he worked as an architect, then industrial designer. While working, he acquired passion for Japanese design principles - simplicity, and restraint. Another passion he has is fishing. His love for fishing takes him to places not often traveled by others to a point he got lost countless times, in places like high mountain forests and remote desert. Luong combined two passions he has, design and fishing, to come up with beautiful Tanuki tenkara rods. They are modern, sleek and easy to use. Tanuki rod is considered to be one of the best among enthusiasts both in the U.S. and Italy. Please check Tenkara Tanuki Facebook Page for news and updates. 

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