This is a fundraiser for Safe Alliance in Charlotte NC.

In January, my daughter was assaulted on a first date with a high school senior.  That was life altering for everyone in this home.  We struggled through every hour.  Safe Alliance quickly stepped in and helped walk us through everything that followed.  Their advocates were in place to help us in amazing ways.  Their attorney was there to help lead us through a complicated legal procedure.  Safe Alliance was a strong, efficient and an amazing resource.  

100% of the proceeds from these boxes will go directly to Safe Alliance. 

Through my affiliation with Project Healing Waters, I have been advocating fly tying, along with fly fishing, as a mode of self therapy.  I have used fly-tying to ease out of a hard day before.  I have never needed fly tying to escape the way I have the past many weeks.  These flies here have ever ounce on my soul in them.  My time on the vise at all hours of the night, is what kept me clear when my family was awake.  It was the time in focus that helped me process, or escape from process, just enough to find another day in me.  I was right at the edge...  these flies helped me stay even keeled and on compass.  

These are fly patterns that I carry in my box at all times. These are patterns I fish. I vary sizes and colors, but most often stay with wool yarns and natural colors. I tied with hooks I had on hand. These flies will catch fish, 

and have already saved lives.

Appalachian Tenkara

New products are coming soon!